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    Land clearing is a process that involves removing native vegetation and structures from the land to prepare it for construction. It also may include the excavation of soils, dirt, or gravel. In some cases, land may be cleared by removing trees and shrubs from a site. The goals of land clearing are many: the ground is prepared for construction or other purposes such as landscaping, road building, or farming. Whatever reason you need to clear out a yard, Tucson Demolition is your go-to professional.


    We offer affordable rates and the highest quality services, including:


    • Site preparation for new construction.

    • Lot clearing services

    • Clearing of land before a project begins.

    • Removal of trees or shrubs from an existing site, etc.


    If you need help with any kind of land clearing in Tucson, AZ, reach out to Tucson Demolition Services.


    Land Clearing Tucson, AZ

    Lot clearing in Tucson, AZ

    Lot clearing is the process of removing trees, shrubs, and other vegetation for construction purposes. It is often the first step in preparing a site to be used for building homes or businesses.


    The goal of lot clearing is to prepare an area that has been purchased or leased for development. This means that all structures on the property must be removed before any further steps towards home construction.


    If you need help with lot clearing in Tucson, AZ, reach out to Tucson Demolition Services today at 520-462-3520.

    Site preparation service in Tucson, AZ

    Site preparation is an important step in establishing a commercial or residential site. This is the process of removing vegetation and other obstructions from an area before building construction can begin. This helps to ensure that your project will be completed on schedule and also keep costs low.


    After the land has been cleared for any reason, it must be restored so as not to cause erosion problems such as landslides or mudslides. Whether you are looking at clearing out brush, trees, boulders, and rocks, we have you covered. We offer several different types of site preparation services designed to meet your needs. Call us today for site preparation services in Tucson, AZ.

    Tree removal and shrub removal

    Tree removal and shrub removal is a common service offered by land clearing companies. Often the vegetation on your property can pose obstacles or hazards to those living there or visiting it. When looking at tree removal, also look into stump grinding, which ensures that all of the hazardous stumps left behind have been removed. We also offer brush chipping services to ensure that debris is removed from the site and hauled away.

    Professional land clearing in Tucson, AZ

    Tucson Demolition Services is a leading provider of land clearing services in Tucson, AZ. We are fully insured and licensed by the State of Arizona to provide our customers with affordable and top-quality service. Our staff is friendly and well trained, which ensures that your site preparation needs will be met quickly and efficiently every time. Call us today at 5520-462-3520 for land clearing and site preparation in Tucson, AZ.