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    Whether you need an entire house torn down or only a garage demoed, Tucson Demolition Services is the demolition contractor for the job. Our professionals have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to tear down just about anything. No matter if you need just one wall demolished so that new tenants can get into the space easily; or whether you need a full reconstruction after some major damage has rendered part of the building inoperable - Tucson Demolition Services can get the job done! Contact us today by calling 520-462-3520.

    Demolition in Tucson, AZ
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    Tucson is a great place to live. It's sunny year round and scorching hot at times. There are many fun things to do including visiting Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, or the Pima Air and Space Museum. If you love sports, then go catch a college sports game at the University of Arizona. We love serving residents in Tucson, AZ.


    Tucson Demolition Services not only services Tucson, but also the surrounding areas. If you need a kitchen demolition in Casa Grande, or a house demolition in Safford, or excavation work in Sierra Vista, then we're the professionals to call. Our team is friendly, highly-skilled, and ready to help you with your project.

    Excavation in Tucson, AZ

    Why should you hire Tucson Demolition Services as your local demolition contractor?

    Tucson is not the only city we serve. You're in luck if you live in Casa Grande, Safford, Green Valley, Newport, Sierra Vista, or anywhere in Pima County. Our team of demolition specialists can help you with a wide variety of demolition projects. Within these areas, we service homes, businesses, and small towns so you can trust us to get the job done correctly!


    It is not always easy to demolish an old building. There are many things to consider when you are doing a demolition project: the price, the permits, etc. Having Tucson Demolition Services on your side with their vast experience in this field will give you peace of mind. Having them on your side will take the stress out of the process.


    Tucson and the surrounding areas are familiar to our demolition contractors. In order to avoid hiring an outside company who does not have these capabilities as we do, we know where to be and what specifications of local neighborhoods are needed for your job site or project. We have years of experience working on various types of projects from renovations and new construction throughout this city and throughout Pima County as well; you're sure to find all your needs met by us every time.


    When Tucson Demolition Services dismantles your project, we always take the time to do it properly. During excavation or demolition on a job site, we will make sure that nothing goes wrong for all parties involved! You can count on our professional workmanship for long-term success. If you are interested in learning more about our services, call 520-462-3520.


    Here are some different types of demolition in the Tucson area

    • Residential Demolition - With our professional services, you can start with an exterior or interior demolition of your home. There is no job too big for us whether it's preparing for a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or backyard space renovation! With our extensive experience demolishing residential properties, we can help. Whether it's removing old decks all the way to taking down fences and buildings we can help remove them safely without harming nearby property values. Our team follows strict guidelines when performing these jobs that will ensure minimal debris is left behind.

    • Concrete Removal - Concrete is difficult to remove because of how durable it can be. Pulling on it with the incorrect tools for the job won't give it any give, so don't try to do this yourself! When we remove all other materials from inside or outside an area, we will safely dispose off any concrete that we find, as well as ensuring there are no leftover bricks that could harm someone if stepped on.

    • Swimming Pool Demolition - A pool that is no longer in use is a huge waste of money and space. If you want to remove your pool as soon as possible, you should get professional help right away! By taking care of the property ourselves, we could save both time and resources for other things such as selling or renting it out.

    • Mobile Home Demolition - We have everything you need to get started on a mobile home demo if you would like to get rid of the mobile home on your site as part of updating your home.

    • Garage Demolition - Can't you stand storing your car in a garage that's too small? Let us help! If so, let's demolish the old one and then build or upgrade the new one.

    • Barn Demolition - Using an old barn on your property can give your land a more prehistoric look. You can still contact us if you don't want it anymore or need to get rid of it for some other reason.

    • Deck and Fence Demolition - When your fence or deck can't be repaired, you may want to consider removing it. In the local area, Tucson Demolition Services removes a lot of decks and fences.

    • Land Clearing Services - If you are looking to build your driveway or any other project on your property, we can help you clear your property of unwanted trees.

    • Excavation Services - You can also call us if you need a site prepared or other excavation needs.

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